Novos Cursos Intensivos

Cambridge School offers short courses in English, French, German and Portuguese for Foreigners throughout the academic year (from October through June).

Intensive English Courses range from absolute beginners to a post-intermediate level. Upon completing intensive courses, students can be integrated into any other group courses taking place at our schools at any time.

These courses are usually 40 lessons of 50 minutes, twice a week (e.g. Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) for 10 weeks/two and a half months. In French and German, there are similar courses up to an intermediate level. Portuguese for Foreigners courses last 4 weeks, with 2 daily 50-minute lessons.

Depending on availability, students can choose to have classes in person or via videoconference.

These courses are ideal for those who want to learn a language quickly, wish to reach a higher level in a shorter period of time, or want to consolidate/improve their knowledge.

Enrolments are ongoing. For more information fill out our form at .