Company Courses


In order to respond to the specific goals of professional students in the business world, Cambridge School has programmes available that enable each company to achieve its specific objectives.

After an initial interview with one of our Directors of Studies, in order to establish the individual requirements of each company, programmes adapted to these objectives are developed. All candidates are given a test to determine their linguistic and professional requirements, from which the training programme is drawn up.
Cambridge School can provide the same quality of lively and dynamic teaching to company groups, whether they take place on our facilities or on the company’s own premises. Our programmes aim to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, thus allowing greater growth and success in today’s international markets.
In addition to private lessons and special courses for companies, there are also timetables that are specially designed for them, in various levels. When starting at a low intermediate level, students can follow a professional programme lasting 4 years.

Cambridge School organises special technical courses for those with an intermediate or upper intermediate level in areas such as:

English for Lawyers

Meetings and Negotiations

Language for Presentations

English for Secretaries

English for the Banking Sector

English for IT

Writing Letters and Reports

Exams and Certificates

IELTS is an English language test that can help anyone who wants to live, study or work anywhere in the world. There are several organisations around the globe that recognise IELTS, including academic, business and government institutions.
The IELTS test is the only English test accepted for immigration purposes by all countries that require an English language assessment. Our experienced and qualified teachers will help you achieve your desired results.

Cambridge School prepares candidates for the IELTS assessment exam, which consists of 4 modules:

Listening comprehension
Academic reading
Academic writing
Applicants are rated on a scale of 1 to 9 (most universities require a rating of 6.0 or higher). Candidates can take the IELTS exam several times during the year.