For those wishing to work at their own pace, Cambridge School provides a full range of highly effective, private, one-to-one lessons in English, French, German and Portuguese for Foreigners.

Our experience has shown that professional people are much more receptive to learning a language when their work requirements and the learning process are closely connected. This is achieved by bringing realistic and appropriate skills development to the classroom. Our approach involves students and teachers conversing exclusively in the target language throughout the lesson. The abilities and needs of each student are assessed before courses begin, thus ensuring realistic objectives and appropriate course content. Using task-related assignments which demand high levels of practical application, participants are required to put their learning to immediate, purposeful use.

Every company or individual will have different language needs and capabilities and our consultants are always available to discuss the ways in which Cambridge School  can be of service to you.

As part of our service for corporate clients, we can also provide private lessons on your premises or language courses abroad.

Cambridge School offers the following programmes:

Private lessons at any time of day, any day of the week (Monday to Friday)

3 or 4 hours a day

6 hours a day

*Total Immersion
8 hours daily (working lunches with teacher can be arranged)