Lessons via video conferencing
September 2020

Wherever you are, you can enrol in our courses.

Learn as if you were attending our classes in person.

In these challenging times we are living through, we realise there is a growing need to adapt to the changes that are being imposed on us.

Investing in your education, and that of your children, will always be a very important step towards a promising future. In that sense, having lessons via video conferencing meets students’ objectives by developing knowledge of the language being studied, without having to be present in a specific place.

Lessons via video conferencing follow the same principles as face-to-face lessons.

This type of lesson makes interaction between the teacher and his/her students possible, since they can see and hear each other simultaneously, thereby allowing for the teaching and learning process to occur in real time (online) – it is totally interactive, as if you were in a classroom. The material for the course, as well as the various exercises, are shared in all the classes.

These classes also allow for greater time management, since the students can attend lessons from anywhere in Portugal or, indeed, the world, choosing from a variety of timetables, with the same support to which Cambridge School students are accustomed.


Covid 19
March 2020


In accordance with the Portuguese Government Directives, lessons will be suspended from Monday 16th March.

The teachers will be available to provide assistance regarding the  courses through the platform Cambridge School Online.

Administrative personnel will be available between 9.00am and 6.00pm from Monday to Friday.

Please refer to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. For more information please consult the website www.dgs.ptcorona-virus.aspx

Cambridge  School,


Cambridge School APP 

Cambridge School App  

Cambridge School students will now be able to to broaden their knowledge wherever they are by using our app.

Available in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store.


There they will be able to communicate with their teacher, have their needs assessed, improve their accuracy, test their general knowledge, read the latest news, and get notifications in real time.

January 2020

Cambridge English: First (FCE – First Certificate), Advanced (CAE) and Proficiency (CPE)

Mock exams will be held between 20 January and 1 February. The purpose of these is for you to have ‘real’ experience of doing the exams under timed conditions in order for you to evaluate your progress.


Your teacher will be able to give you the exact times and dates of these exams. Following the exams, you will have the opportunity to discuss your progress with your teacher.

The enrolment period will begin on 17th February.