Cambridge School started teaching Portuguese as a foreign language at its various centres in Portugal 50 years ago.

The demand for courses has accompanied the increasing importance of Portuguese as an official language, not only in Portugal but also in other countries all over the world, spoken by 200 million people.

Portuguese is, in fact, the fifth most widely-spoken language in the world and is thus an important medium for commercial, cultural, scientific and diplomatic interaction around the globe.

Our Portuguese courses are for any foreigner who, for professional, social, educational or other reasons wants to achieve the highest level of communicative competence in a limited time frame.

The Approach 

The prestige of Cambridge School  is the result of its Direct Method teaching; a dynamic approach that accentuates the basic reality that, whatever the language, we learn to speak… by speaking!

Our course develops linguistic confidence and works on appropriate skills and functional language situations of immediate practical application. The programme meets the specific needs of professional people by recreating their daily business activities in a structured classroom environment.