Cambridge School prepares its students for the following official French as a Foreign Language Exams authorised by the French Ministry of Education:

DELF B1 (Diploma in French Language Studies)

 Level B1 of the Common European Framework for languages certifies the capacity to understand and maintain a conversation, give one’s opinion and deal with unfamiliar day-to-day situations. The user can produce simple connected text on topics which are familiar or of personal interest.


DELF B2 (Diploma of French Language Studies)

 Level B2 of the European Common Framework for languages certifies that the user has acquired a degree of independence and a practical and operational knowledge of the French language. The candidate is capable of developing, defending and arguing a particular point of view about different topics. He can interact and feel at ease about giving his opinion about current affairs.


DALF C1 (Diploma in Advanced French Language)

Level C1 of the European Common Framework for languages is equated with the level of an independent user and certifies a deep understanding of the French language. The user can express himself fluently and spontaneously about complex subjects and is also able to produce elaborate discourse in his area of expertise. The DALF is recognised by the majority of French universities as the acceptable linguistic level for their classes.